Protection against electronic eavesdropping

Integrated security systems

Advisory and expert assesment of security systems

Application in marketing

Numerous capabilities of videoanalytics, that include and not limmited to: 

  • recognition
  • visitors counting
  • counter of the number of cases and their duration
  • heat maps
  • quick search in archive due to applying searching criterias (color, direction of move, size, immage of the object …)
  • programming the scenarios of reaction to events, that corresponds to previously set criterias 

Empovered with opportunities of integration with third-party systems provides unlimmited capabilities for solving the tasks of commercial and security departments.

Opportunities for commercial departments:

  • Identification of person 
  • Personalisation of service
  • Visitors traffic routes analysis
  • Counting of new customers
  • Analysis and estimation of KPI for outlet/employee/equipment/product line on shelves
  • Control over positioning of products on shelves
  • Queue analysis for employee shifts adjustments
  • Optimization of trade/manufacturing space through reorganisation of botllneck places  
  • Search of lost objects
  • Dispute regulation with the help of quick search of video in archive using filters (frame of video, event, POS transaction, or comment)



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