Protection against electronic eavesdropping

Integrated security systems

Advisory and expert assesment of security systems

Protection against electronic eavesdropping

List of services

  • Detection of technical means of eavesdropping (bugs detection)
  • Integration of anti-wiretapping systems 
  • Audit and consulting on anti-wiretapping systems 
  • Selling of anti-wiretapping devices

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  • Inspection of the object
  • Determinning of measures and ways of wiretaps activation
  • Selection and preparation of suitable equipment
  • Development of plan of action incl. cover story (in case of secrecy of works)
  • Preliminary analysis of radio frequency around the object
  • Assigning the workforce responsibilities and necessary equipment in accordance with the type of tasks and time

Main stage

  • Activation of wiretaps that may be installed;
  • Activation of hidden videocameras;
  • Analysis of radio frequency on the object and identification of revealed signals;
  • Measures on localization of revealed sources of radio frequency;
  • Search of wiretaps, that are installed/tapped to cable lines of comunications, which are mounted or pass through the object:
    • lines of power supply (220v)
    • voice frequency telephone line
    • low-voltage wires (intrusion/fire alarm systems ...)
  • Serch of wiretaps with non-destructive equipment:
    • Nonlinear locators
    • Metal detectors
    • Thermal scope
    • Endoscope
  • Search of wiretaps through physical and visual inspection of intactness of special protection marks (interior features, technical means, souvenirs, etc.)

Final stage

  • Discussion of the results of work
  • Instalation of special protection marks (if needed)
  • Filling the act of works completed.

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